We value customer service. By working together, we provide an ever improving service to your customers as they are our customers too.

Night Off Delivery works in cooperation with you (local area restaurant) to help you provide delivery services to your customers.

  • We help you provide delivery services if you currently do not offer this service.
  • We help expand your current delivery area to reach more customers.
  • We dispatch drivers to help when you get an unexpected rush.
  • We dispatch drivers during your quieter times (eg. afternoons or post supper rushes) to help minimize your labor costs.
  • We dispatch drivers to help when your drivers call in sick or if unforeseen circumstances arise.
  • Delivery fees we charge vary according to delivery area.
  • You have the option of charging the customer all or part of our delivery fees.

Night Off Delivery DOES NOT charge for listing “Partnered” Restaurants on our website or Facebook page.
Night Off Delivery DOES NOT charge a percentage of the total delivery order.
Night Off Delivery DOES NOT charge you any other fees associated with the food delivery including fees we incur for debit machines.
Night Off Delivery DOES NOT require contracts or commitments.

Night Off Delivery offers marketing and advertisement opportunities.
Night Off Delivery helps promote your delivery service and in-house specials.

To further discuss becoming a “Partnered” restaurant, email Night Off Delivery at info@nightoffdelivery.ca or call us directly at 613-467-6316.