Night Off Delivery currently has openings for the following positions:

  • Part-time Drivers
  • On-call Drivers


  • Driving positions are on a contract basis.
  • The main role of our drivers is to pick up deliveries from different food establishments and deliver them to customers.
  • Drivers must maintain communication with the dispatcher to assist with coordination and customer service.
  • Drivers are responsible for fuel, vehicle insurance, vehicle maintenance, and any fines/tickets they receive.
  • Drivers are responsible for correctly insuring their vehicle.
  • Drivers are paid by commission, not hourly.  Drivers are paid daily.  Drivers receive 100% of the delivery tip.
  • Drivers are responsible for claiming income and expenses to CRA.
  • Drivers do not do any restaurant duties such as prep or cleaning.


  • Drivers must have a valid driver license.
  • Drivers must a registered and insured vehicle.
  • Drivers must have a functioning smart phone.
  • Drivers must have access to Google Maps or a GPS with the most up to date maps.
  • Drivers must have certification from Smart Serve in order to purchase and deliver alcohol.
  • Drivers need strong customer service and communication skills (a basic understanding of French is an asset).
  • Drivers need a daily float.